he/they ✧ artist/designer ✧ vtuber/vartist/vstreamer

hi, you can call me Kirin! I’m an autistic LGBTQ bipoc artist + streamer who loves making things move & bringing ideas to life.

I love to meld the worlds of technology, engineering, animation, and illustration in my work, and I prefer working with a wide variety of programs and materials. I love expanding my horizons with my work and trying a wide variety of new things!

I stream on twitch, and you can find my stream schedule on twitter or on my discord server!


commissions are generally closed unless there’s a specific opening. I may pick up certain projects outside of my schedule. twitter, discord, and telegram have my openings!


ask, please! depending on your work, I may have a prompt I’d love to pick up! I’m generally selective with trades, though.


I trade with just friends and social media mutuals, sorry! feel free to ask anyways, but it may be a while before I’m able to get to a trade & I’m selective with who I trade with.


unless I’m doing a specific request-stream, I never take requests. sorry! please don’t ask for them.


art collaborations are fun to do, but I generally reserve them for friends only. sorry for the inconvenience!


DMs and emailing me directly are both ok. please note that my schedule is tight, and I can’t accept every request!