✦ What can you design?

Anything! I love challenges and weird prompts, and I’m always looking to make sure the design is perfect for the client. I love designing hybrids, rare and uncommon animals, unique prompts such as bacteria/fungi/prehistoric animals/object themes. I’m prepared to tackle anything, and I actively seek out new prompts!

I’m also completely open to working with robots, mechanical creatures, outfit/room designs, plants, world designs, and anything else that could fall within the design category.

✦ Can you do redesigns?

Sure, but please note that I’m generally uncomfortable redesigning characters made by other people, and instead prefer to redesign something you’ve made, assuming you’re okay with that!

If you’re looking for a redesign, please make sure you’ve got the original design’s image within the form, alongside the new prompt and/or moodboards!

✦ What sort of reference material is okay?

Reference material for designs is quite vast! I’m okay with image-only moodboards, inspiration boards, written descriptions, playlists, clothing or furniture (including any existing object), etc. Generally, if it’s something I can doodle something with, it’s okay!

Please just note that my visions may not line up with yours if the reference material you’ve provided is vague, and in some cases I may ask for additional references or information on your vision.

✦ Can you design something inspired by a culture?

If it’s your culture, and you can provide me with information so that I can create something that’s respectful of it, yes! If it isn’t, or you can’t provide me enough information, we’ll have to find a different prompt.

For example, if you’re not Native/Indigenous I will not make you designs with markings / motifs based on Indigenous art, if you are not Japanese I will not make you a yokai inspired design, and so on. This also includes everything from cultural design to spiritual beings from other cultures.

(Please note this does not count European folklore/mythical creatures. I can make designs based on European culture, mythology, and design.) If you want something based on your culture, simply let me know in your commission request.

✦ Can you design something based on another artist’s work or design?

No, but I can include certain motifs that repeat in a bunch of your favourite designs, but that’s only if you’ve got a large gallery that I can pick from. I don’t aim to copy or otherwise mimic other people’s design styles, nor does my design style mesh with anyone else’s, honestly.

If you’ve got an artist’s explicit permission to create something in their style, though, I’d be willing to give it a shot!

However, I’m more than happy to base something off of modern or classical art, such as artists like Keith Haring, Claude Monet, or Michaelangelo.

✦ Can I have different versions of this design?

If they’re small changes, like added accessories, alternate colours, or edits to an on-base design (like breasts, weight changes, body types), etc, I’d be more than happy to! I’m unable to make linework changes for refined designs and off-base creations.

✦ Now that I own the design, what can I change about it?

You can change the design as much as you’d like! Species, markings, colors, gender, doesn’t matter, I’m happy with whatever you decide to do with them! Have fun! I just ask that you don’t edit the original artwork.


Complex creations

Unique themes

I’m happy to work with any body type, gender, ability level, aids, etc!



All animals of all kinds, including rare, bizarre, and uncommon animals

Human creatures, humanoids, hybrids, mythical creatures, etc

Feral creatures, companions, familiars



Offensive material

Insensitive material

Closed species, unless you have a commission/MYO slot (on a case-by-case basis, still!)

✦ Introduction

This applies to all designs, whether received from commissions, adoptable sales, auctions, trades, from other people reselling designs, etc. Ko-Fi adopts/requests have special rules, and can be resold for any value after being received directly from me.

If I find you breaking my rules, you’ll receive friendly warnings/reminders. If this is a repeat offense, I may have to privately blacklist you. I try to only publicly blacklist for severe cases, like chargebacks and scams.

I take payment through Square, but I may use PayPal.me links or a PayPal invoice in certain cases.

✦ General Rules

You’re free to change species, gender, colors, and markings as freely as you’d like! Any element of any one of my designs is never set in stone and completely up to the client/owner’s wishes.

You’re free to edit hue, saturation, and change basic colours on my designs, but please keep a copy of the original design attached to the gallery! You’re also free to draw overtop on base designs and adopts for things such as accessories, but again, please keep a copy of the original. You don’t need permission for this!

You’re free to make merchandise of the character, such as pins, stickers, etc of the design, or make/commission a fursuit/costume parts/etc of them! I still ask that you credit me for the design, such as in the item’s description.

I do not allow for people to buy my designs for the sole intent of selling them as a fursuit, costume, Vtuber design, immediate resale, swaps, etc without a specific commercial license. The resale value of the design will stay the original value before the commercial license (i.e. a $45 design’s commercial cost could be $90, but you can only sell the character cost for $45.) The value of the item is not included in this; (i.e. a fursuit; where the value without character rights is $3000– it’d be $345 in total).

You are not allowed to claim the original design as your own work! You may point out and take credit for edits that you’ve made (design by timberfen, edits by myself), or crediting both of us as equal designers if enough changes have been made (design by myself and timberfen).

All sales are final, and I don’t take refunds for designs of any sort! If you no longer want a design, resell it!

✦ Ownership transfer

I do not settle any future ownership disputes once I have sold the design and it is no longer in my own ownership. If the ownership dispute is my fault or mistake, however, please contact me so we can solve it.

Traded designs may only be traded.

Please don’t sell my designs for prices higher than you’ve paid for them. Including artwork you’ve gotten of them through commissions is a-ok (character is worth $45 and you’ve bought $70 for them in commissions; you’re free to resell them for $115), but I ask that you don’t sell them for more than they’re worth in total.

✦ Refunds

I accept full refunds on design commissions at any step in the queue, including completed design commissions. However, a completed commissions are only open to refund within 48 hours of receiving the completed file. After that, I will not accept any refunds. You are, of course, allowed to sell the design, trade it, etc (as long as it’s in accordance to this TOS). All rights to the refunded design will belong to me, and they may be resold on my Toyhouse, or a crosspost on Twitter.