Last updated: September 20th, 2022

✦ By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms. Terms are subject to change.

Please note that some of these terms apply only to animation and illustration commissions. Live2D commissions, commercial work of any sort, physical artworks (such as costumes, artdolls, etc), and designs have alternate terms of service, which will take precedence over terms listed here and in the subcategories (i.e designs have different usage rights than illustrations). Please read through those, too, if you’re looking to commission one of the types listed!

✦ Design TOS (may be applicable!)

✦ Live2D TOS (This page!)

✦ Commercial work TOS (not applicable)


All of my general TOS rules and payment policies apply to Live2D commissions.

The finished model files are given to the client for runtime only. Live2D project files are never given unless otherwise discussed in the quote process.

Access to the files may incur a further fee. PSDs for Live2D art-only commissions are automatically included, but the rights for the artwork and PSDs must be retained. Those can be found below.

I require credit to be clearly written and in an easy to see place on every social media platform you showcase your model in, such as your Twitter about, and Twitch panels.

Clients must fully disclose any planned dates for debuts of the rigged model, artwork, etc. Again, I cannot offer deadlines, so please keep this in mind when working with me! I require at least three months work time for each part (up to six months total for art + rig). If I’m unable to complete your commission, you will be notified and refunded, or we can come up with a plan to complete the work owed.

Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned art and or rig for non fungible tokens or AI programs. Use of my art and or rigging for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, or AI use is strictly prohibited.

I communicate through Twitter (@timberfen), Telegram (@timberfen), email ([email protected]), and discord exclusively. Requests to communicate outside of these programs will be turned down.

I am not okay with working with NSFW character references, and I require a clear, digital reference sheet to work with. I cannot work with written descriptions for VTuber model art– if you’re looking for a design to be made by me, please inquire about a design commission with a commercial license before coming to me for a VTuber model! New or added references will not be accepted after progress has started unless asked by the artist.

You may contact me at any time about the status of your commission and place in my queue.

VTuber models already have a factored-in commercial use quote! The redistribution of assets is prohibited unless communicated with the artist.

Live2D & Illustration-related commissions may not be tampered with unless consent is given. This includes texture atlas/art mesh adjustments. Please do not resell any models that I make for you unless I give express permission.

By submitting a form, you are agreeing that you have usage rights to any reference materials or designs provided to me for use in the requested project, as well as that you are able to provide credits for any/all third-part reference material, designs, and assets.


In most cases, I will not rig a previously rigged model, draw new parts for an existing model, etc. There are exceptions, however, such as upgrades for VBridger compatible mouths, extra outfits, new assets and toggles, etc. In any of these cases, I require written permission from both the model artist and the original Live2D rigger. Standalone assets do not apply to this policy.

Individual slots will not be taken until I have confirmed details with the client, and have decided to take on the project. I’m a very hands-on artist, and love working 1-on-1 with my clients, but there are times where changes are too much. I reserve the right to ask for an extra fee to compensate for time, edits, or redrawn parts.

In the case that I’m given permission to work on a model in livestream, I may open VTS and/or VBridger (if applicable) in order to test the model as I’m rigging.

I do not offer refunds for VTuber models at all. Please keep this in mind and make sure you’re in a financially stable enough place to purchase a VTuber model from me!

Payment can be split up by part (Art/Rigging), but may be paid up front in full before I begin work on the part of the project. More comprehensive payment plans can be discussed, but I’m less likely to take on a project with a payment plan.

✦ Workflow

Commission applications are taken via Google Forms. Please give me a week after closing the form to contact applicants who are chosen!

Quotes are then confirmed with clients, and the invoice will be sent. I exclusively use Square for invoices, and you don’t need a Square account to pay. When the invoice is paid, the work will be started.

Progress videos and/or pictures will be sent to the client throughout the work period, and adjustments are made according to any feedback given.

Once the model is complete, I will send a .zip file with the runtime folder for VTube studio, or .PSD for art-only commissions via Google Drive. If there are any small adjustments desired by the client after trying out the model, these points will be fixed, and I’ll send a new version of the file. I highly recommend learning how to tune tracking in VTS for best effects!

If you would like additions, new parts, or other things added to your model at a later time, we can discuss scheduling! Please note that current clients come first, but past clients do have a secret VIP section in my queue.

I specifically work with 4k (4096 x 4096) textures for my models so that they’re able to be run with phones, as well. My model canvas sizes are generally around 4000 x 8000 pixels for fullbody models, but can be adjusted if needed!