As the creator of the artwork, I retain the copyright to my work and have the right to showcase it in my online galleries, social media platforms, portfolio, Ko-Fi etc. If you’d prefer your commission to be kept private, please notify me before payment is sent. This refers to the artwork and any other material I produce as a product of the commission (such as WIPs posted to Ko-Fi).


You may reupload your commission anywhere you would like, but please credit me where you can, including design work!

A simple “commission/art/design by timberfen (or @timberfen if on twitter)” is perfect.
If you reupload to Toyhouse, you can credit me using the on-site feature as “timberfen”, both for designs and illustrations. If you need assistance with this, I’m happy to help!

If you are NOT the owner of the commission, you may NOT reupload it or use it for any reason without explicit permission from the original commissioner. Reposting my artwork is prohibited. This is further elaborated on in the general usage section.

All characters depicted in my illustrations belong to their respective owners.


You may repost your own commission if proper and full credit is given to Timberfen, (or if you own the character depicted.) Reposting other people’s commissions and personal works of mine is never permitted without explicit permission.

Editing my work without permission is not permitted. If edits are granted, absolutely no hate symbols are allowed to be correlated with my work, nor is my work allowed to be altered under any circumstances without my permission, which includes removing my signature. You are not allowed to reproduce or edit the commissioned piece for profitable purposes of any form without my agreement and a license you have paid for. This does not include include cropping or resizing for personal use, assuming you own the artwork or character depicted.

Clients are not to make commercial use and profit from private commissions. You may create and print for yourself or others to have or give as a gift, but absolutely no profit is to be made through any part of the artist’s work and reselling is prohibited. (Printing on products for yourself is fine, as long as you are not selling for profit!) Examples of OK usage include printing stickers for personal badges, printing for home display, and printing digital badges for personal use. Please ask me if you’re unsure if something is OK!

TL;DR, The commission is free for the client to non-commercially use however they like, given that:

     ✧ Explicit credit to the artist (Timberfen) remains,
     ✧ The work is not claimed as the client’s own work or otherwise edited,
     ✧ Absolutely no profit is to be made from the work in any way, unless agreed otherwise.


You may not use your commission for profit or commercial reasons unless discussed beforehand. You may not print and redistribute my work for profit, nor are you allowed to mass-produce my work. This term is void if the commission was specifically commissioned under my commercial commissions, and instead, the piece(s) are tied to my commercial work TOS and the terms under those.

Commissions can cost x2-x4 of the original price, depending on the scope of its commercial use.

By default, anything within the Live2D and Graphic Design type commission sections are designed to be used commercially, and the pieces reflect such, since their use is inherently commercial. Commissions which include commercial usage will have this noted within the description.


Your commission may be used for content for supporters, where I may share WIPs, progress GIFs or PDFs. In that case, regardless of whether or not you are a patron/sub, you will receive any byproduct made of your commission. If you would not like your commission to be used for this, let me know!


Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commission for non fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs. Use of my artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited. I also do not accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Note that I will never sell/resell any of my work whatsoever as non fungible tokens. If my work is found listed as a non fungible token or resold for cryptocurrency, it is not permitted and is stolen. 

Usage of any of my work for anything related to NFTs/crypto will result in an immediate blacklisting and legal action.


Any site that’s associated with AI generated artwork is prohibited from housing any content made by myself. Clients and other people uploading my work to an AI-generated artwork creation website and the like will be immediately blacklisted and I may take legal action.